Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kids Birthday Card

Hello! Thought I would share this cute simple cad with you:)

This card was made for my youngest son's BEST BUDDY!! They are one week apart...same height, blonde hair, blue eyes......too cute!! He is THEIR youngest too - It is sad to think that are babies are growing up:( *sniff, sniff* They are toooooooo little to be going into 1st grade in less than one month.

Anywho....back to the card! My son thought it was fun to coordinate his gift - he comes by it honest:) Instead of getting "our" usual birthday gift, either a gift card to the movie theater or Marble Slab .....Kohlsen wanted to shop for Trevor!! He picked out a jump rope, a water gun, a blow up punching bag, and frisbee:).......ALL BLUE, so the card had to match right!

I have to say - it was precious watching him carry all his "finds" to the counter to check out - it would have been too easy to place them into a cart - he had to carry them!!! *love*

The card got it - 5 1/2 x 4/1/4. I did add "texture to the happy birthday embossing by rubbing a sponge dabbed with white ink over the embossed area.

Card stock:
aqua and white

Stampin' Up stamps
Stampin' Up white ink
Marvy Markers
CUTTLE BUG (happy birthday folder)

Zig, Two Way
Double Sided Tape

none, zip, zilch, nada - can you believe that?

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  1. I need a cuttlebug, the card is great
    debs31totes at gmail dot com