Friday, June 18, 2010

Apple Tree Anniversary Card

This was made for my FIL/MIL for their upcoming anniversary. I didn't want to do a traditional card, but what else says HAPPY ANNIVERSARY??? Next thing I knew I was cutting out apples and botta bing botta boom.....I found my "theme"......the apple doesn't fall from from the tree. The apples in the tree are my mil/fil, they have three sons, two daughter in laws and six grandsons.....hence all the apples. I just LOVE the 'lil bird house. The "hole is a brad and since I had the brads out, I thought would else could i use them for......hmmm, stems for the apples. So I cut the brad back off and used them as perfect little stems!

Hope you enjoy this "different" anniversary card.

PLUS, I have BIG news: I will be participating in my VERY first Blog Hop in July------>watch for details!!

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Happy Cricuting!!!
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  1. Super adorable! Nice use of the brad backs!

  2. Wow that is so cute!! I love the faces on the apples!!!

    Tori xx

  3. This is awesome! Love your idea.