Saturday, October 2, 2010

National Card Making Day

The precious Jenny over at Crazy About Cricut asked me to make a card for the National Card Making Day celebration on her blog. Here's what I came up with.

I wanted to do something that was "no cricut required". Since NOT everyone has a cricut *gasp* :)

This was VERY simple. I free handed the ghost, double inked him, added a face and glued him on. Made the BOO tag, glued it on - and that's it!! Pretty easy, huh?

I did add stamps on the inside page, but that is not necessary.

Lime, Black, White cardstock
lime & black ink
Stampin' Up! stamps / ink
ATG for the adhesive

So what are your plans for National Card Making Day?

Mine, I am playing 'til around 2pm (cst) then come 2.30 I have other plans!!! Today is the OU vs. TX game and that's like our "superbowl" - lol!!! Boomer!!!!

Here's what I did yesterday:

LOL, I took some vinyl, gypsied an O and U and cut!!! So even my nails are sporting crimson colors this weekend:)

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

***BTW, if you were wondering where the FIRST FRIDAY CHALLENGE is - I postponed it until next week! There were SO many other fun things going on this weekend, I figured it best:)***


  1. This is one spookily spectacular card Abby! Thanks so much for helpind me celebrate WCMD!!!

  2. Love it! The nails totally ROCK!! :)

  3. Cute card and you nails look great.. I though it was painted...

  4. Love the nails but your card is so spooky cute...wait there are people who don't have a Cricut really!!!! LOL