Monday, September 6, 2010

Reminders!! Bottle Swap / First Friday Challenge

If you have been designing a THINK PINK project - link 'em up.....2 hours left:)

If you were wanting to sign up for the bottle swap - now's the time!!!

email: this questionnaire!!!!
you have 2 hours left!!!!

Would you prefer to receive FALL (pumpkins/scarecrows) or HALLOWEEN items, or both?

What is your favorite:
Color(s) to use during this season?
“Item(s)” to decorate with during this season?
“Character” to use during this season?

Are you a scrap-booker, card maker or both?

How long have you been paper crafting?

Where do you get most of your supplies (favorite store or site)?

What colors do you use the most when paper crafting?

What colors are unused the most when you are paper crafting?

What embellishment can you just NOT get enough of, and you will find it on most of your paper crafting items that you make?

Do you have a craft area? How is it decorated?

Anything else you want your bottle swap partner to know?

Your Name:
Mailing address:
Email address:

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