Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Teacher's Gift, I did!

As I already stated I wanted to give the teacher's one gift per day and today was flowers. I bought the cute ceramic vase at Hobby Lobby and the flowers at Sam's, I needed a bit more filler and I picked that up at a local floral shop. So here is the result....not bad for never really making a floral arrangement before! **pic of hubby holding them on the way to school, he looks happy, huh;-) LOL


  1. Great Job! Love this idea!!!

  2. "I love the delivery man and his fantastic enthusiasm... ;<)
    the flowers look great and I know the teachers really
    appreciated them and the thought that they were tho't of" g-ma emailed this comment to me, thought I would add it here!!!

  3. Too funny! I recognize the school.
    Lived in that area for 26 years, then moved to Taylor.